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Scientific Name: Russula laurocerasi; Family Russulaceae;

Order Agaricales

Habitat: In mixed woods

Color:Cap red to blackish red in center, pales towards fringes. gills yellow/white, stalk white

Size: Cap is 6-12 cm in diameter, stalk is 5-10 cm long, 1.5-4.5 cm thick

Gills: Attached , broad, close.

Spore Print: Yellowish white

Edibility: Edible but not recommended

Characteristics: The Cap is nearly flat, it can be shiny and sticky when wet, and smooth and dull when dry. This russula has brittle flesh and is easily broken. It lives from May to October, coming up very early. It is often one of the first mushrooms to appear on the ground in a year.

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