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Scientific Name:Psilocybe caerulipes ; Family Strophariaceae;

Order Agaricales

Habitat: on decaying wood and plant matter, especially birch and maple

Color: Cap isBrown to yellow, gills brown to rust colored, stalk white, stains blue.

Size: Cap is 1-3.5 cm in diameter, stalk is 3-6 cm long, 1.5-3 mm thick

Gills: Attached, narrow, close.

Spore Print: Dark purple/brown

Edibility: Hallucinogenic

Characteristics: The cap bruises blue. Very thin mushroom, can grow on leave stems. Conical to convex cap. It grows singly or in small groups. Lives from August to October, from Maine to North Carolina, as far west as Michigan. Edible but hallucinogenic

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