A Guide to Mushroom species in Eastern Massachusetts

This guide consists of various species of mushrooms with stalks and gills that were found and identified from September to November in Waltham Massachusetts, Weston Massachusetts, and Newton, Massachusetts. The majority of species were found in the Sachar Woods of Brandeis University. The purpose of this guide is to give the viewer a sense of the mushroom species in the area, and to help identify and categorize those species found.

The three major categorizations used are Alphabetic listings of species, common habitat, and gill attachment. Spore color is also used, but is not recommended. By going to the page for each kind of search, you can see what that characteristic means

Any species that are listed as “edible” should probably still not be eaten. Some edible mushroom species are very similar in appearance to some deadly poisonous ones that live in the same area. It is my hope that no one dies because they eat a mushroom I put as edible.

Disclaimer:This guide is not completely accurate, as some mushroom species look very similar. The identifications given are the closest approximations that could be made given my knowledge and experience in mycology.

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