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An Explanation of gill attachments.

The gills of the mushroom join with the stalk in four different ways. If the gills are free, they do not touch the stalk at all, instead joining with the cap before they can merge with the stalk. If they are attached gills, they merge with the stalk at the same height as they hang under the cap. If they are decurrent gills, they run down the stalk and attach and a lower height. If the gills are notched, they almost join with the cap, like free gills, but run down again and attach at the same height as they run. Notched gills are uncommon, and look like a cross between free and attached. As of this update, there are no notched gills available on this field guide. These are not absolute; some species are usually attached but occasionally look decurrent. These are guidelines but there can be exceptions.

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