Linaria vulgaris

Family name: Snapdragon (Scrophulariaceae)

Petal arrangement: Butter-and Eggs have Snapdragon-like yellow flowers that are characterized by 2 upper and 3 lower lips, with an orange center. The flowers are irregular in a raceme.

Color:Yellow with orange center

Leaf arrangement: Butter-and-Eggs have alternate, whole, narrow, and plentiful leaves. The leaves are not hairy and are about 1/2 to1 inch long.

Size, Location, Season: Species grows 1 to 3 feet tall. It can be found along dry fields, open meadows, and roadsides. It grows througout all of New England and the western United States. Its growing season is June to October.

**Found at Brandeis University on the a roof near Kosow Biochemistry building in mid- September.
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