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Welcome to our Wildflowers of New England website. At this site we hope to make it as easy as possible to identify your favorite wildflowers. The wildflowers on this website were found and photographed in Waltham, Massachusetts and most frequently at Brandeis University. We made it possible for you, the user, to navigate this website in three different ways. We too were recently in the process of identifying flowers and know that it can be very difficult . Therefore, we chose the three methods of identifying wildflowers that we found most useful. First, if you know the color of your flower, you can click on the color links below and you will be brought to a page showing all the flowers we found of that color. If the color is not specific enough for you, go to the webpage showing all the different leaf arrangements and learn how to figure out which leaf arrangement your flower belongs to. Leaf arrangement is very valuable in determing the species of flower you have found. Lastly, if you are somewhat of an expert at flower identification, and already know the flower's family name, then you can click on the specific family name and you will be brought to a page with all the flowers we found in that family. Keep in mind folks that our page only contains about 40 of the thousands of wildflowers in the New England area. If you can't locate your flower on our website, you can nevertheless utilize the information we have provided as you search for the flower in other guides.







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