Meadow Sage
Salvia pratensis
Family: Mint (Lamiaceae)

Petal arrangement: The Meadow Sage flowers are 2 lipped. The upper lip arches to make a half circle, while the lower lip splits into two lobes. Each flower is about 1/3 an inch or 1 cm long. The bracts are a purplish-green color and hide part of the purple corolla.

Color: Violet-Blue

Leaf arrangement: The leaves are lance-shaped and oppositely climb up the stem. The leaves tend to grow toward the base of the raceme. (A cluster of flowers that line up along the stalk, each with there own stalk).

Size, Location, Season: The flowers grow up into a raceme that is about 60-90cm.(2-3 ft.) long. It grows as weeds in fields and pastures. It is native to Europe,but it is found throughout New England. It grows from June to August.

**Found at Brandeis University behind the Rosenstiel Biochemistry Building in September, although seen in October. Back To Home