Arrow-Leaved Aster

Aster sagittifolius

Family: Composite or Daisy (Compositae)

Petal Arrangement: The Arrow-Leaved Aster flower is composed of many rays. The flowers are regular flowers and a there are usually a lot of them on each plant.

Color: The Arrow-Leaved-Aster ranges in color from blue/light purple to white or light pink.

Leaf Arrangement: It is difficult to identify Asters because the different types are often very similar looking. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the Aster's leaf. The leaves of the Arrow-Leaved-Aster are alternate, toothed and not wide. The leaf shape is pointed so that it looks somewhat like an arrow (hence the name). The stalk of the plant is not rough or hairy.

Size, Location, Season: The Arrow-Leaved-Aster grows between 60-150 cm. (2-5 ft.) tall. It can be found in dry fields or woods from North Dakota east to Vermont and south throughout the Northeast. August-October.

** Found at Brandeis University, behind Usdan Student Center, mid-October.

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