Hoary Alyssum

Berteroa incana

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Family: Mustard (Cruciferae)

Petal Arrangement: Flowes are small, white, regular flowers growing in racemes ( a bunch of flowers growing together on a long stem ) Flower has four petals which have very deep cuts splitting each petal alomst half-way down the center so that from a distance it looks as though there are 8 petals instead of 4.

Color: white

Leaf Arrangement: Leaves and stalk are covered with a whitish-grey fuzz. Leaves are alternate, entire, long and thin, about 1/2 to 1 1/2 inches or 2 to 6 cm long. The long, thin stem of the Hoary Alyssum is covered in leaves and many short buds.

Size, Location, Season: Hoary Alyssum can grow up to 60 cm. (2ft) high and is found in open dry fields and along roadsides. Can be found from Minnesota up to Ontario, Massachusetts south and New York north. * Point of interest: plant is poisonous to livestock.

** Found on Waltham Community Fields Farm,Waltham MA.