Centurea cyanus

Composite or Daisy Family:

Petal Arrangement: Flower head consists of many small flowers growing clumped together in a ray. These flowers have a spikey, star-like shape, and a tubular structure.

Color: Bachelor's-Button is usually a brilliant bright blue/violet color though it can also be found in pink or white.

Leaf Arrangement: The leaves of the Bachelor's-Button are long, narrow and untoothed. They grow in an alternate pattern up the stem. The leaves and stem are covered in soft fuzz. Underneath the flower head grows a clump of many small, tight, leaflets which support the flower cluster.

Size, Location, Season: The Bachelor's-Button grows between 30-60 cm (1-2ft) tall. It escaped cultivation and can now be found along roadsides, open meadows and waste areas. Found from northern Maine south through Connecticut. July-September.

** Found on Waltham Community Farm, Waltham MA.

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