Celosia Argentea

Celosia argentea

Family: Amaranth (Amaranthaceae)

Petal Arrangement: Though the flower of the Crested Celosia is a regular flower, it has an interesting shape. The petals are arranged in a pinecone like shape. This flower appears both as a flattened cone shape or a more convex cone shape. Flowers are composed of many numerous, thin, feathery looking petals.

Color: The Celosia flower is a brilliant, vibrant red color. The red color has a silver tint to it.

Leaf Arrangement: The leaves of the Crested Celosia are thin, lance-shaped and small. The leaves grow in an alternating pattern up the plant stalk. The plant itself grows very straight and stiff.

Size, Location, Season: Celosia grows between 90-270 cm (3-9 ft.). This plant escaped cultivation and can now occasionally be found throughout New England. July-October.

** Found on Waltham Community Farm, Waltham MA. Found in late October.

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