Cow Vetch

Vicia cracca

Family: Pea (Leguminosae)

Petal Arrangement: The Cow Vetch flower grows in large clusters and has a tublar shape.  Flowers are irregular or regular.  Flowers grow off of a long-stalked vein. Flowers do not encircle the vine, but rather only grow along one side.

Color: Blue/Violet

Leaf Arrangement: The leaves of the Cow Vetch are alternating, narrow, and whole. Each leaf is composed of many leaflets (8-12), which are arranged in an opposite pattern.  At the end of each leaf is a tendril. The Cow Vetch plant grows as a vine.

Size, Location, Season: The Cow Vetch grows between 60-90 cm. (2-3 ft.) tall. It can be found in open areas and tall grasses throughout the Northeastern US. May-August.

**  Found at Brandeis University in front of the Bassine Biology building, Waltham, MA. - Mid-September.

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