Fall or Garden Phlox

Phlox paniculata

Family: Phlox (Polemoniaceae)

Petal Arrangement: The flowers of the Fall Phlox are very noticeable. Each flower is tubular in shape and composed of 5 rather large petals. The plant has many of these flowers which grow together in showy clusters.

Color: Pink

Leaf Arrangement: The leaves of the Fall Phlox are broader then other Phlox varieties. The leaves are oppositely arranged, lance-shaped and have very noticeable veins which run in an interesting pattern. The side veins do not spread all the way across the leaf but rather, turn in before reaching the end. The side veins run alongside the leaf edge, tracing its shape.

Size, Location, Season: The Fall Phlox grows between 60-180 cm (2-6 ft.) tall. This plant is the most cultivated variety of Phlox. It has escaped cultivation and can now be found in abundance in wooded areas or lush fields. This plant grows from Iowa east and can be found throughout the Northeast. July-October.

** Found at Brandeis University in front of Bassine Biology building, Waltham Ma. - Early October.

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