Chrysanthemum parthenium

Family: Composite or Daisy (Compositae or Asteraceae)

Petal Arrangement: The Feverfew flower is a regular white flower arranged in a ray. Each flower is composed of about 10-20 rays. The Feverfew plant has many flowers which grow in clumps.

Color: white

Leaf Arrangement: The alternate leaves of the Feverfew plant are whole, pinnate (1-3 times ), hairless, deeply sinused and lobbed. The leaves form an oval shape and are very noticeably divided (separated) one-from-the-other.

Size, Location, Season: Feverfew grows between 30-90 cm (1-3 ft.) tall. It can be found along roadsides and waste places. Feverfew escaped cultivation into the wild and can now be found from northern Maine to southern Connecticut and New York. June-September.

** Found at Brandeis University in front of the Bassine Biology building.

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