Galinsoga ciliata

Family: Composite or Daisy (Compositae)

Petal Arrangement: Each Galinsoga flower is composed of five very small rays arranged around a flower head (1/2 cm. wide).

Color: The Galinsoga flower is white with a yellow flower head.

Leaf Arrangement: Galinsoga leaves are large, wide, and toothed. The leaves are arranged in an opposite pattern, whole and lance-shaped (with a pointed tip). The specific type of Galinsoga we discovered, the Galinsoga ciliata is hairy.

Size, Location, Season: The Galinsoga grows between 15-45 cm. (6-18 in.) tall. It can be found around waste areas and open spaces all over Northeastern U.S. June-November.

** Found at Brandeis University, behind the Goldfarb Library, Waltham MA. - Late October.

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