Late Purple Aster

Aster patens

Family:Composite or Daisy (Compositae):

Petal Arrangement: The Late Purple Aster plant has many flowers but each flower grows singly in the spots where the stems branch out. These regular flowers are composed of many string-like rays arrange around the flower head.

Color: The flowers are a deep purple with a yellow center.

Leaf Arrangement: The alternating leaves of the Late Purple Aster practically encircle the stem. It looks almost as if the stem runs through the leaf. The leaves are lance shaped, untoothed and short. The stem can be hairy but is not always.

Size, Location, Season: The Late Purple Aster grows between 30-90 cm. (1-3 ft.) tall. It can be found in dry areas, along roadsides, fields or waste places. It grows from Minnesota to Maine and south. August - October.

** Found along the edge of Sachar Woods, Brandeis University, Waltham MA.

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