A Key To Wildflower Leaf Arrangement
Basal Leaves Only
Basal leaves are leaves which grow at the bottom of the plant stem. If the leaves are growing on the stem itself they are called stem leaves. *Note: Plants frequently have both basal and stem leaves. Opposite Whorled leaves surround the stem in a circular pattern. This pattern is composed of three or more leaves.

** Please note: We unfortunatly were unable to find any flowers with whorled leaves.

Alternate leaves grow at different and seperate points on the stem ( leaves never grow across from each other) so that an alternate pattern is formed.
Opposite leaves parallel each other as they grow up the stem so that an opposite pattern is formed.
Additonal Leaf Information:

Leaf Types

Whole Leaves Toothed Leaves Lobed Leaves Divided Leaves
Whole leaves have smooth uniform edges. Toothed leaves have jagged edges. Lobed leaves have deep indentations called sinuses *Note: The sinuses are not so deep that the leaf is fully split.
Divided leaves are split into different parts. These seperate parts are called leaflets. Many leaflets form a compound leaf.
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