Mexican Sunflower

Tithonia rotundiflora

Family: Daisy or Composite (Compositae)

Petal Arrangement: The flowers of the Mexican Sunflower are numerous. The flowers (like all Composites) are flat and arranged in a ray around the flower head. Flower heads are about 8 cm (3 in.) wide.

Color: Flowers are bright orange/red.

Leaf Arrangement: The leaves of the Mexican Sunflower are arranged in an opposite pattern. Leaves are large, whole and lance-shaped. The stalk and leaves are covered in hair.

Size, Location, Season: The Mexican Sunflower grows between 150-180 cm (5-6 ft.) tall. It grows best in sunny, dry, open areas. This plant is highly cultivated but has occasionally escaped cultivation in a few areas along the Northeast and Southwest parts of the U.S., July-October

** Found at Waltham Community Farm, Waltham MA.- Late October.

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