Yarrow (Pink)

Achillea millefolium

Family: Composite (Compisitae)

Petal Arrangement: The Pink Yarrow has many small flowers which grow very close together in a large cone-shape clump. The flowers are arranged in 5 rays - the way the rays are organized however gives each flower the appearance that it has 5 petals.

Color: white and pink

Leaf Arrangement: The alternating, divided leaves of the Yarrow have a shape similar to a fern's leaf. These leaves are soft to the touch and are arranged in an alternating pattern up the stalk. The stalk of the plant grows very straight and stiff.

Size, Location, Season: The Yarrow grows between 30-90 cm. (1-3 ft.) tall. It can be found along roadsides and open fields all over Northeastern U.S. June-August.

** Found at Brandeis University in front of Bassine Biology building, Waltham Ma. - Mid-September.

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