Phytolaccaceae americana

Family: Pokeweed (Phytolaccaceae)

Petal Arrangement: The regular flowers of the Pokeweed plant are small and have 5 petals. The flowers grow in a whorled pattern at the upper stalk of the plant. Late in the season deep purple/red berries replace these flowers.

Color: The Pokeweed flower is white

Leaf Arrangement: The alternating, whole leaves of the pokeweed are rather large. The leaves are untoothed, soft to the touch and light green in color. The Pokeweed's stalk is reddish in color and very hardy looking.

Size, Location, Season: The Pokeweed plant grows very tall though it generally is somewhat drooped over due to the weight of the flowers and berries which grow the top. The Pokeweed grows between 120-300cm. (4-10 ft.) tall. It can be found in damp soil by roadsides, fields, near forests etc. Grows from Maine south to Connecticut and New York. July-September.

** Found at Brandeis University in front of the Bassine Biology building - late September.

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