Lepidium virginicum

Family: Mustard (Cruciferae)

Petal Arrangement: The regular flowers of the Poor-Man's-Pepper are very small and grow at the top of the plant stalk. Creeping up the plant stalk in an opposite pattern are small round flat pods (look very similar to the seeds inside a pepper)

Color: Flowers are white in color.

Leaf Arrangement: The alternate, toothed leaves of the Poor-Man's-Pepper are lance-shaped. The stalk and leaves are hairy.

Size, Location, Season: Poor-Man's-Pepper grows between 15-60 cm. (6-24 in.). It can be found along roadsides, waste areas and open fields from Maine south through Connecticut and New York. June-November.

** Found near Hammond Pond, Chestnut Hill, Brookline Ma. Late October.

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