Spotted Touch-Me-Not

Impatiens capensis

Family: Touch-Me-Not (Balsaminaceae)

Petal Arrangement: The Spotted Touch-Me-Not flower is very showy. Flowers are irregular and tubular in shape. Flower is composed of three petals, and two smaller sepals.

Color: Flowers are yellow/orange.

Leaf Arrangement: Touch-Me-Not leaves are alternate, whole, and toothed. Leaves are lance-shaped and large. The Touch-Me-Not stem is hollow and full of liquid.

Size, Location, Season: Grows 60-150 cm. (2-5 ft) tall and enjoys damp, shaded areas.  It can be found in woods, roadsides, waste areas, or fields throughout Northeastern US. July-September

** Found at Brandeis University behind the Goldfarb Library, Waltham MA. - Mid-October.

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