Northern Hawkweed
Hieracium umbellatum
Family: Daisy or Composite (Compositae or Asteraceae)

Petal arrangement: The Northern Hawkweed is very similar to the Canadan Hawkweed. The flowerhead is about 1 inch to 3 cm wide.

Color: Yellow

Leaf arrangement: The leaves are generally much longer than wider. They are toothed and alternate. There are short, small little hairs under the base of the leaves.

Size, Location, Season: The Northern Hawkweed grows to be 1 to 5 feet or 15 to 160 cm tall. Hawkweeds somethimes hybridize, making it difficult to tell them apart. It grows in thickets, open woods, and beaches. It grows all throughout America from July to September.

**Found near Hammond Pond in Brookline, Ma in mid-October. Back to Home