-We would like to thank Professor Perlman for this assignment. He inspired us to learn about wildflowers in great depth and create a website that we will always be proud of.

- We would also like to thank the Information Technology Resource Center located at Brandeis University. The staff there helped us tremendously with all our technical difficulties; we could not have created this project without them.

- Alicia: I want to especially thank my roommate, Irvin Almonte, for allowing me to keep wildflowers all over the suite.

- Mia: I would like to thank Vanessa Anik for helping me identify wildflowers and allowing me to keep them all over our room. Also, I thank Nathan Speed for allowing me to use the Go Live application on his computer at all hours of the night and for his constant support.

- Big thanks to Chris Bersbach and Peter Kenlan for helping us use Go Live and Photoshop.

- We would like to thank each other. We both almost went crazy, but together we made it through sane..... well almost sane.

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