Yellow Wood-Sorrel
Oxalis stricta
Family: Wood-Sorrel (Oxaliadceae)

Petal arrangement: Yellow Wood-Sorrel flowers have 5 yellow lobes that surround the 10 stamens. The flowers are extremely small, smaller than 1 cm. Each petal is only 5 to 9 mm large. There is a sharpe angle that is formed by the erect seedpods, and each seedpod has a bent, long stalk. Sometimes the flowers can be reddish at the base.

Color: Yellow

Leaf arrangement: This genus of Wood-Sorrel is characterized by leaves that have three parts. Each leaflet is shaped like an upside-down heart. The leaves grow alternately from a creeping stem. There are little hairs that grow on the stem.

Size, Location, Season: The Yellow Wood-Sorrel flower is very small, about a centimeter wide. It can grow to be 6 to 15 inches or 20 to 50 cm tall. They grow in dry soils and roadsides in most all the eastern United States. Its growing season is from May to October.

**Found at Brandeis University by behind the Kosow Biochemistry Building in the end of September.
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