Black Raspberry
Rubas occidentalis

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Shrub with arching branches that may root at tips. Stem has curved prickles. Leaves are whitish on underside, sharp, and double-toothed. Flowers are small and white. Fruits are deep purple. Flowers are found April through July, fruits July through September. Black Raspberry is alien.

Ranges from Southern Canada through Florida.

Uses and Parts Used:

Tea brewed from roots is an astringent and can be used for diarrhea, dysentery, stomach pain, gonorrhea, and back pain.

Leaves are boiled with water and washed on sores and boils.

Astringent quality comes from tannins in the roots and leaves. Black Raspberry tea has been approved in Germany as a treatment for diarrhea and inflamed mouth.

Black Raspberry- Click for Full Image
Black Raspberry- Click for Full Image