Common Cattail
Typha latifolia

Common Cattail- Click for Full Image


1.2-2.4 meter (4-8 ft) tall perennial stalk. Often grows near water in thick stands. Leaves are large spear-shaped. Stalks are topped with hotdog-shaped, dark brown flowers. Flowers present May through July.

Grows near marshes and ponds. Ranges from Southern Canada throughout the United States.

Uses and Parts Used:

Pounded roots used as a poultice for burns and sores.

Seed down:
Fuzz from flowers also used to treat burns and sores and to prevent chafing in babies. Young flowers can be ingested for diarrhea.

Though flowers and shoots are edible for humans, Cattail may be poisonous to grazing animals.

Common Cattail- Click for Full Image
Common Cattail- Click for Full Image