Doll's Eye
Actaea pachypoda

Doll's Eye- Click for Full Image

Entire plant poisonous. See Notes.


Also called:
White Baneberry

Flowers are in oblong clusters on thick, red stalks. Most prominent feature is white spherical berries with black dots on the tip, hence the common name, Doll's Eye. Leaflets have sharp teeth. Leaves are twice-divided. Fruits present from May through October.

Found in mature forests ranging from southern Canada to Georgia and west to Minnesota.

Parts Used and Uses:

Very small amounts of tea brewed from roots used to relieve childbirth pains and PMS, as well as headaches, colds, and coughs. Doll's Eye was once thought to benefit the circulatory system.

Note: Leaves, roots, stems, flowers, and berries may cause gastrointestinal inflammation and skin blisters.

Doll's Eye- Click for Full Image
Doll's Eye- Click for Full Image