White Lettuce
Prenanthes alba

White Lettuce- Click for Full Image


Also Called
Rattle-snake root

0.6-1.5 meter (2-5ft) perennial with smooth purple stem. Leaves are triangular, toothed, and lobed. Flowers are white in drooping clusters and found July through September. Seed fuzz is reddish in color.

Found in dense woods and wooded thickets. Ranges from Maine to Georgia, and Montana through North Dakota.

Uses and Parts Used

Powdered root used to stimulate lactation after childbirth. Root tea used as wash for lameness, and root poultice used on dog bites and snakebites.

Latex from stem used as diuretic. Stem can also be boiled in milk and ingested for snakebite.

White Lettuce- Click for Full Image
White Lettuce- Click for Full Image