Pitcher Plant
Stinging Nettle
Eastern Hemlock
Woody Nightshade
Common Juniper
Black Raspberry
Canada Goldenrod
We would like to thank:

Dan Perlman for his passion for both nature and teaching, for inspiring us to do our best possible work, and for the 6am wake-up call to see the non-existant beavers.

M. Caitlin Fisher-Reid for her extensive web expertise and her equally extensive patience.

The Fall 2004 Field Bio Class for a great semester and camping trip.

The Goulds for the use of their home and woods that started our project.

Chrissy because Carrie thanks her in all her projects for Professor Perlman.

Norman and Madelaine Barotz because Sharon felt it was unfair if Carrie was the only one to thank a family member.