Woody Nightshade Butter-and-Eggs
Sharon Barotz ('06) is a biology and environmental studies major at Brandeis University with a minor in philosophy. She hails from Manhattan, so her interest in animals, the environment, and the natural sciences is truely a mystery. Sharon hopes to go to grad school for ecology before heading to vet school to work with large animals. She spent the summer of '04 doing ecological field work in Kenya through SFS, and will continue her savannah field work in the Spring of '05 in South Africa through an OTS study abroad program. She is an EMT (and proud member of BEMCo) and loves horseback riding. Check out Sharon's website! Carrie Bilodeau ('05) is a history and biology major at Brandeis University with a minor in environmental studies. She is from West Point, NY and hopes to study evolutionary ecology in grad school next year. She hopes to get in to IU-Bloomington. Carrie spent last summer as an intern at Zoo New England. Good luck to Bird's World at this year's Okie Awards. She has two sisters, Chrissy and Miranda. Carrie likes to swim; her time in the 1650 yard freestyle is 19:15.26.
Eastern Redcedar