An Abbreviated Guide to the Mushrooms of Massachusetts
My name is Maya Goldin-Perschbacher and this website is the final project for Dan Perlman's Field Biology Class, Fall 2002 at Brandeis University. I am an amateur mushroom enthusiast and the identifications in this guide represent my best efforts to classify the 25 species I collected this semester. All pictures and illustrations are my work (unless otherwise noted) and may not be reproduced without permission. I have not provided information on the edibility of the mushrooms within this site (unless they are poisonous) because it is not safe to consume wild mushrooms unless they have been verified by an expert, which I am not. The scientific names and common names provided within this site are consistent with the National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mushrooms. The scope of this project includes fungi that lack both stalks and gills (with a few exceptions). Happy mushroom hunting!
This site can be navigated in 3 different ways:
Cap Shape allows you to choose between a few initial options based on the overall shape of the mushroom in question.
Color breaks down categories based on the color of the mushroom
Spore Producing Surface splits the fungi based on the manner in which they produce and scatter their spores.
These 3 options, as well as a link to this home page and the mushroom tutorial, will be present on the bottom of every page within this site.

The Alphabetical List is a library of all of the mushrooms in this site organized by common name and scientific name.
To get to the species page for a certain fungus, simply click on the small image on any of the navigation pages.

Each small picture on the individual species pages is also linked to a larger, higher-quality image. The information on the specific photograph (date taken, location, habitat) is provided along with the higher-quality image.

Mushroom Tutorial
The mushroom tutorial will transport you to a short guide on mushroom anatomy, taxonomy, and life cycle.

*Unless otherwise noted, all drawings and photographs within this site are copyright Maya Goldin-Perschbacher 2002
and may not be reproduced without express permission.*