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Marginal Woodfern (Evergreen Woodfern; Leatherleaf Woodfern)

Dryopteris marginalis

Woodferns: There are seven species in this area and these ferns grow in circular patterns, have scales on their stalks, and are evergreen; it is often hard to tell them apart because they look so much alike

Habitat: Grows in woods and is not picky about altitude location

Features: Tough and shiny looking; noticeable rootstock; scales on stalk; grows in a circular pattern from the ground; medium size and fragile fern; tips of the leaves bend and point toward the ground

Height: 1-2ft. (30-60cm.)

Axis: Pale green with a few scales

Stalk: A dark rust color at the base that becomes brownish green at the top

Sachar Woods September 2002