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Superfamily: Staphyliniodea
Family: Staphylinidae
Genus: Sepedophilus
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The Staphylinidae family is the largest beetle family in North America with 313 genera and about 3100 species. Their form is the most characteristic with an elongate body and short elytra, allowing the abdomen to protrude. Species can be found underneath rocks, on shores of streams and lakes and on fungi. No rove beetles are harmful and they may even be considered beneficial as they feed on other insects.
The 150 species in the subfamily Tachyporinae (crab-like rove beetles) are distinct within the staphylinidae family. Most members of the subfamily are between 1-6 mm. They are very common under dead bark. Two genus' dominate the population: Sepedophilus (22 species) and Tachinus (58 species). Sepedophilus is conical and broad. Its dorsal abdominal segments protrude from underneath the elytra in 6 segments and tapers to a point covered in long dark hairs. Its antennae are threadlike and the base of the pronotum marks the widest point of the body.