European Earwig
Order: Dermaptera
Family: Forficulidae
Genus: Forficula
Species: auricularia
Called Earwigs out of superstition that these insects got into people's ears, Dermapterans are nocturnal insects that spend their daytime in debris or behind tree bark. This order is similar to coleoptreans mainly due to its elytra that closely resemble the elytra of beetles with short elytra (rove beetle). Earwigs have forcep-like cerci, or pincers protruding out the back of the abdomen that can inflict a painful pinch.

The Forficulidae family are comprised of brownish species. Antennae are 12-15 segmented and the 2nd tarsal segment is lobed on the underside. The Species pictured here is the European Earwig and is very common. This particular species is a female because her cerci are straighter than those of a male (whose cerci are rounded and more pincer-like).