Locust Leaf Miner
Family: Chrysomelidae
Subfamily: Hispinae
Genus: Odontota
Species: Dorsalis
Pictorial Key
Size: 4.5mm-6mm
Beadlike Antennae
A member of the 4th largest family of beetles in the world-Chrysomelidae, or leaf Beetles-The Hispanae Subfamily of beetles have two features that separates them from all but one other subfamily of leaf beetles-small mouth parts and a head that slants backwards. 60 out of 64 species of Hispanae have striated, sculptured, almost puntured rows on the elytra. Most species are wedge shaped and round. However, some, such as the locust leaf miner, are elongate and parallel.
Odontota dorsalis, the locust leaf miner, gains its name due to the extensive defoliation that it can cause to locust trees. Most of the damage is done by the larvae, and makes the tree look severely burned. Generally 6-7mm long with orange and black coloration. Antennae are beadlike, and tarsi, although appearing 4-4-4 are 5-5-5.