Long Jointed Bark Beetle

Family Lagriidae

Genus Statira

Pictorial Key
Size: 6mm-11mm
Threadlike Antennae

18 species of Statira (6-14mm.) are found in eastern to southwestern United States. They can be found feeding on foliage during the night. During the day they are concealled in leaf litter, which is where this specific specimen was found. What distinguishes the Statira from other Lagriidae are the large eyes and distinctivly striated elytra with rows of punctures along the outside edges.

Family Lagriidae have distinctive threadlike antennae, the last segement of which is very elongate. Often times, the Lagriidae are brown or black and shiny. Sometimes, as in the case of genus statira, they are metallic green. The pronotum is noticably more narrow than the elytra, which are widest just before the tip of the abdomen.