Sweet Clover Weevil

Pictorial Key
Family: Curculionidae- Snout Beetles
Subfamily: Thylacitinae- Broad Nosed Weevils
Genus: Sitona
Species: Cylindricollis
Size: 2mm-4.5mm
Beadlike Antennae
The curculionidae family is the second largest family of beetles in North America and the largest worldwide. Curculionidae are plant feeders and some are large pests. Adult curculionidae feed on leaves, pollen, flowers, fruit and fungus and can be found on foliage and in leaf litter.
Approximately 100 species belong to the Thylacitinae subfamily of the Curculionidae family. Found from North Eastern United States to Nebraska, the Sweet Clover Weevil damages clover when adults eat and destroy leaves and larvae eat and destroy roots. One tactic to combat the Sweet Clover Weevil has been to use "green manure," which will kill about 85% of developing eggs. The Sweet Clover Weevil clearly has a snout. However, it is much more blunt or broad than most of the snout nose beetles. Its pronotum is narrower than the elytra, which are striated. The antennae are bead like and protrude from the snout. They are elbowed and have a distinct three segment club at the end.