Golden Tortoise Beetle
Pictorial Key
Family: Chrysomelidae
Subfamily: Cassidinae
Genus: Metriona
Species: Bicolor
Size: 4.5mm-6mm
Threadlike Antennae
The Chrysomelidae Family is the fourth largest in North America with 175 genera and 1474 species. Individual species are very diverse within each subfamily and even moreso within the family.  Antennae are threadlike mostly and less than half of the body length (a characteristic that distinguishes many leaf beetles from long horned beetles). The tarsi appear 4-4-4, but in actuality are 5-5-5.

Beetles in the subfamily Cassidinae are distinctive for their turtle like shape (convex on top and flat on bottom). There are 35 species in North America, ranging from 4-13 mm. in length. The head is usually completely covered from above.

The Golden Tortoise Beetle pictured above, metriona bicolor, reflects transient light from its shell while alive, often times appearing green, pink, or purple. It can be found on leaves or foliage during the day.