Throscid Beetles

Family: Throscidae
Genus: Trixagus

Pictorial Key
Size: 2mm-4.5mm
Beadlike Antennae
Range: 4 genera and 27 species in North America, mostly eastern US. Found on flowers and foliage and in leaf liter.
The Trixagus
Throscid beetles (1.6-5mm) are brown and have distinctive beadlike antennae. In 18 out of the 27 Throscidae species, the antennae end in a three segmented club, visible in the pictures at right. The pronotum smoothly joins the elytra. The body is widest at the humeri and the drosal surface is covered in small light hairs. Throscidae beetles resemble click beetles, but the union between their prothorax and body is not loose, thus preventing it from clicking.