Kathryn Svec, Technician: Currently: PhD student, University of Vermont

Bo-mi Song, Post-doc: Currently: Post-doc, National Institute of Mental Health

Elaine Chang, Technician: Currently: PhD student,  Univ. Massachusetts Medical School

April Lowell, PhD student: Currently: Project Scientist, Cell Signaling Technology

Vince Panzano, PhD student: Currently: Research and Clinical Affairs Coordinator, Allurion Technologies

KJ Kang, Post-doc: Currently: Assistant Professor, Sungkyunkwan University

Fumika Hamada, Post-doc: Currently: Assistant Professor, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Mark Rosenzweig, PhD/post-doc: Currently: Scientist, Foundation Medicine

Jessica Whited, PhD: Currently: Assistant Professor, Harvard Med. School

Tim Tayler, PhD; Currently: Asst. Director, Princeton Neuroscience Institute

Heather Sears, PhD; Currently: Administrative Officer, Northeastern Univ.

Susan Klinedinst, Post-doc: Currently: Assistant Professor, Schreiner University

Daisy Kaplan, Technician, Currently: Visiting Assistant Professor, St. Mary's College

Caleb Kennedy, Technician: Currently: Manager, Translational Bioinformatics, Be The Match/National Marrow Donation Program

Myles Robichaux, Technician: Currently: Louisiana Dept. of Public Safety, Forensics

Paul Phelps, Technician: Currently: Medical Student, Drexel Univ. College of Medicine

Jacob Aaron, Undergraduate: Currently: MD student, Rosalind Franklin University

Dinu Florin Albeanu, Undergraduate: Currently: Asst. Prof., Cold Spring Harbor

Maya Chandru, Undergraduate: Currently: MD/PhD Student, UCSF

Alex Dainis, Undergraduate: Currently: PhD Student, Stanford

Juliette Flam, Undergraduate: Currently: MD student, Boston University Med School

Cameron MIller-Patterson, Undergraduate: Currently: MD student, SUNY Stony Brook

Yoav Nudell, Undergraduate: Currently: Technician, Bodmer Lab, Burnham Institute

Leon Rafailov: Undergraduate: Currently: MD student, SUNY Downstate, Brooklyn

Steve Garrity, web master 1.0: Currently: CTO and Founder: Hearsay Social

The Garrity Lab

Lina Ni

Post-doctoral Fellow

Abby Daniels

Brandeis Undergraduate

Paul Garrity

Professor of Biology

Chloe Greppi

PhD student

Brandeis MCB

Rick Churchill


Gonzalo Budelli

Post-doctoral Fellow

Zach Knecht

PhD student

Brandeis Neuro

Lena van Giesen

Post-doctoral Fellow

Belinda Barbagallo

Post-doctoral Fellow

Ludi Yang

Brandeis Undergraduate

Joyner Cruz