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Message from the Director

Thank you for visiting the Brandeis Genetic Counseling Program’s website.

Our Program faculty is excited to embark on our 27th year as a program with renewed energy and continued commitment to providing our students with the knowledge and skills they need to become successful genetic counselors. I am thrilled that Hetal Vig has joined us as the Associate Program Director. Ms. Vig brings a wealth of experience in clinical cancer genetic counseling, clinical research, genetic education and strategic planning.  In her short time here, her commitment to working with students is evident and her insights and wisdom are already shaping the vision we have for the Program, now and in the future.

During a discussion of our curriculum this summer, Hetal summed up the essence of the Brandeis Genetic Counseling Program: “Everyone has a Story.”  This is truly the foundation of the Program’s inception and continues to be an important part of the fabric we weave into our students’ training. It aligns well with the longstanding mission of the University founded on the principles of access, inclusivity, and tolerance.

Whether it is the individuals or families with a genetic condition or disability, the professionals who serve them providing medical and educational services, or the students themselves who have made genetic counseling their calling; everyone brings a unique and impactful story to the table. Hearing other’s talk about their own journey fosters a unique appreciation of perspectives of people who are different from you, and provides our students with an amazing learning opportunity that allows them to grow both as a person and a professional.

Come Join us, Share your story and Hear those of countless others whose paths you will cross during your training here at Brandeis.

Gretchen Schneider
Director, Genetic Counseling Program