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The Brandeis Genetic Counseling Program and the Department of Biology are seeking a part-time faculty member to teach Human Genetics (BIOL 128a) to a mixed class of upper-level undergraduates and Master’s students, including first-year students in the Genetic Counseling Program. This class is taught in the fall and on two days per week, Tuesday and Friday. Requirements for the position: minimum MS in genetic counseling or PhD in a related field; and teaching experience (college-level teaching experience preferred). This appointment is to a position that is in a collective bargaining unit represented by SEIU Local 509.

Anyone interested should apply through Human Resources at Brandeis, job ID 527261.

Feel free to contact Program Director Gretchen Schneider at gretchen@brandeis.edu with any questions.

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Message from the Director

As I prepared to compose my inaugural message as the new Program Director, I reflected on my speech from our recent retirement celebration for the Program’s Founding Director, Judith Tsipis.

“I graduated from Sarah Lawrence College the year this Program started and after moving back to Boston, worked with students from this Program’s first class as a clinical supervisor.  I remember thinking early on… how lucky the Brandeis students were to have such a rich and rewarding set of experiences working with individuals and families with disabilities as part of their training. This core foundation of the Program is what made it truly unique when it began, and what makes it stand out among the many Programs even today. As I became more involved over the years, I realized that this is just one piece of what makes the Brandeis Program special. There is the warm sense of community and close mentoring of students. There is the commitment to not being a “cookie cutter” Program but one that aims for diversity within our class cohorts, takes chances on students and welcomes applicants who are older, or starting a second career.  There is recognition that everyone is “human first” and that sometimes “real life” gets in the way, even for faculty members.”

These components are a direct reflection of who Judith Tsipis is, and what has made her an incredible Director for the past 25 years.  She has woven these threads into the fabric of the Program and, combined with her passion for the profession, has created and maintained an exceptional environment in which students prepare to become genetic counselors.   I am immensely grateful for Judith’s trust in my ability to carry on this legacy and I will work tirelessly, with the Leadership Team, to keep this Program alive and thriving in the years to come.

We welcome your interest in the Brandeis Genetic Counseling Program and encourage you to look through our website, learn about our curriculum, and read about our faculty, students and alumni. We hope to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Gretchen Schneider
Director, Genetic Counseling Program