Program Costs

2018-2019 Program Costs

Total Tuition$30,100
Health insurance (if purchased)$3,477
New Student Fee (year 1 only)$44
Student Activity Fee$88

*Scholarship amount varies from year to year and is the same for all first and second year students. Amount is not dependent on merit or need.

Costs Funded by the Genetic Counseling Program

First Year StipendTo defray cost of travel to fieldwork and observations$150
Family Pals costsReimbursement for food and travel costsAmount varies
Summer Internship StipendFunding may be available for students doing external
internships that require them to pay for housing
Availability and amount of funding varies each year
Second Year StipendTo offset costs traveling to internships and NSGC meeting$1800
NSGC Membership18 month student membership through end of December, year two$140
Research ExpensesCosts such as survey distribution via eblasts, transcription services and gift card incentives Amount varies
Registration for Local MeetingsProgram covers students registration for local meetings such as the yearly DFCI Cancer Conference or New England Regional Genetics Group meeting Amount varies

Working While in Graduate School

Most students who attend the Brandeis Genetic Counseling Program find they are able to work 10-15 hours per week to help fund their graduate education. The curriculum is designed to give students at least one day per week each semester that is free from Program obligations to help allow them to work if needed.  Our students have a variety of jobs including working on campus in an administrative position or as a teaching assistant (typically second year), in the medical community as a genetic counseling or research assistant, or in their local community as a babysitter, tutor or waitress.