Current Students: Class of 2018

Here’s some background information on our first year students. We asked them what they are looking forward to as they begin training to become Genetic Counselors.


ALLIE graduated from Stonehill College with a BS in Biology. She volunteered at the Sexual Assault Crisis Counselor at the YWCA of New Britain, CT where she provided short term counseling to local sexual assault victims/survivors through the crisis hotline, helping to empower and inform callers. She also accompanied clients to emergency room visits and court appointments to provide support and explain procedures.

“I look forward to putting what I learn in the classroom into practice! Brandeis provides a variety of experiential learning opportunities and I think they will greatly enrich the more traditional coursework.”


ANNA-LENA graduated from California State University Sacramento with a BS in Cell and Molecular Biology. For two years, she worked with a family who had a boy with autism, and it was he who inspired her to pursue a career in Genetic Counseling.

“I am most excited about all the skills and knowledge I will gain to become a successful and impactful genetic counselor. I am excited about the opportunity to experience various genetic counseling sessions and to learn to apply my knowledge in a practical setting.”

ASHLEY graduated from Union College with a BS in Neuroscience. She volunteered at Crossroads Center for Children which serves a small group of children diagnosed with autism.
“Now that I am at Brandeis, I’m excited to start working with patients and taking full advantage of all the unique clinical opportunities Boston has to offer.”

KATIE graduated from Assumption College with a BS in Biotechnology. She volunteered for Hands Together in Port au Prince (a key educational and development organization working in Haiti’s largest and poorest slum); Homes for Heroes (affiliation of real estate specialists and local business committed to providing easy ways to save on a home, and on every day home-related purchases); and SouthCoast Educational Collaborative (special education services).

“I’m most excited to see where I’ll be doing my internships, what I will learn and how that will shape my future career and my ability to help others.”


KATRINA graduated from Plymouth State University with a BS in Biology. She volunteered with Samaritans as a helpline befriender and Hope Health Hospice providing support to hospice and pediatric patients with life-limiting illnesses.

“I’m most excited about the many ways we connect with the community, as there are so many opportunities to grow and gain a deeper understanding about disabilities.”


LINDSAY graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a BS in Biotechnology & Biomedical Science. She volunteered at Heritage Christian Services Stables which provides therapeutic horseback riding lessons to people with disabilities, as well as for various community service and fundraising projects through the Pre-Health Student Association.

“Now that I’ve started at Brandeis. I am very excited about the community experiences, and to start actually working with patients in clinic this summer!”


LIZ graduated from Loyola University with a BS in Biology and a BA in Italian. She volunteered at Lurie Children’s Hospital, Cornerstone Counseling Center of Chicago and is currently a canvasser/general volunteer for multiple political campaigns.

“I really just can’t wait to start my first rotation. I know it’ll be scary and intimidating seeing my first patient, but it will also mean that I finally get to do what I’ve always dreamed of doing. I am also looking forward to speaking with others in my field to find my niche. I’ve always been interested in prenatal and policy, so I’d love to really see how I can integrate both into my career!”


LORRAINE graduated from Brandeis University with a BS in Biology. She volunteered at Zhengzhou First Affiliated Hospital (China) in the ER.

“Every Thursday I get really excited about my field placement at the Down syndrome clinic at Boston Children’s Hospital. I find that my placement ties in very nicely with my course work and being able to apply what I learned in class to my placement gets me excited about my day.”


RHONDA graduated from Reed College with a BA in Biology and earned a PhD from Harvard University in Genetics. For 20 years, she worked in a basic research lab and raised two children.

“My transition to a new field that is focused on improving health care is exciting. I am very interested in the implications and utilization of genetic information in patient care.  Through the guidance of my professors and the help and encouragement of my classmates, I’m looking forward to learning the skills necessary to becoming a genetic counselor.”


YIRU graduate from Northwestern A&F University (China) with a BS in Landscape Design and then earned a PhD from Michigan Technical University in Forest Genetic and Molecular Biotechnology. She volunteered at the Pregnancy Crisis Center as a mentor to support low income women by providing long term training for pregnancy and newborn care. She also volunteered at Rape, Advocacy, Counseling, and Education Services (R.A.C.E.S) where she answered the crisis hotline.

“I am most excited about the opportunity to gain training in top-notch hospitals and institutions. I also look forward to interning at a non-clinical setting which is an expanding employment opportunity in great need of our expertise. The diversified exposure to different roles of genetic counseling helps me identify and prepare for my own path.”