Genetic Counseling Faculty
Cassie Buck, MS, CGC, Adjunct Associate Professor of the Practice

I graduated from the Brandeis Genetic Counseling Program in 2009. I began my GC career working for a genetic testing laboratory, before leaving to work in an academic research setting. Acting as the Research Counselor & Study Coordinator, I met with patients and their families with reproductive disorders to enroll them into genomic research, collect phenotypic and family history data, and expand family participation, while also collecting/reviewing data for manuscript preparation and overseeing IRB compliance. In my current role as Research Advisor, I oversee student Master’s thesis projects and research training. I individually meet with the 1st year GC students in the spring to develop their thesis and teach “Genetic Counseling Research Project” which begins in the summer after the first year and continues through the second year.

Joe Cunningham, PhD, Professor of Psychology

I have been facilitating “Genetic Counseling Process Group” since the inception of the program in 1992. Working within a small group of second year students, I work closely to integrate students’ shared experiences from field placements, coursework, internships and individual lives to becoming genetic counselors. As a Psychology Department faculty member, I conduct research on children’s cognitive and emotional development and on the nonverbal communication of emotion by children and adults. I also teach courses in clinical psychology and developmental psychopathology.

Judy Jackson, MS, CGC, Lecturer in Genetic Counseling

After graduating from the Brandeis GC program in 1996, I have spent many years as a clinic-based prenatal genetic counselor in different settings throughout the Boston area. In addition to my full-time clinical genetic counseling position at South Shore Hospital, I teach Human Reproductive and Development Biology to 1st year GC students and Brandeis undergraduates. I am a member of NSGC and chairperson of the Genetic Counseling Special Interest Group for the International Society of Prenatal Diagnosis. Most recently, I was a featured presenter at their annual meeting in Berlin.

Alice Noble, JD, MPH, Senior Lecturer in the Legal Studies Program and Adjunct Lecturer in The Heller School

I am responsible for teaching “Genetics, Law and Social Policy” to the first and second year genetic counseling students. I also teach Health Law and Ethics at The Heller School and Genetics, Law, and Society in the Legal Studies Program. I am also on the faculty of Boston College Law School and Tufts Medical School. Prior to teaching at Brandeis, I taught at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Terri I. Queler, MSW, LICSW, Adjunct Associate Professor of the Practice of Genetic Counseling

I joined the Program in January 2016 and am teaching two courses: Counseling Theory and Technique to the first-year class. Genetic Counseling: Case Conferences and Family Counseling to the second year students. I have a private practice in Newton, MA where my primary focus includes: perinatal health and wellness, couples and college mental health. The practice includes a full range of treatment approaches including individual, couples and group counseling.

Judith Tsipis, PhD, Director Emerita, Professor Emerita of Biology

I received my PhD in Microbiology and Genetics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and began my career at Brandeis over 40 years ago as an instructor for undergraduates in the Biology Department and as a pre-med advisor.  In 1992 I started, and became the Founding Director of, the Master’s Program in Genetic Counseling here at Brandeis and since then, have taught and mentored many students while working with faculty to ensure the success of both the Program and the genetic counselors we graduate. I have worked to promote the genetic counseling profession within the local and national communities and have been actively involved in the advocacy community in many ways. In my final year on faculty, I will coordinate journal club and serve as a thesis advisor.

Rachel Woodruff, PhD, Lecturer in Biology

I am a full time faculty member in the Biology Department and teach undergraduate genetics and cancer biology, as well as “Molecular Biotechnology” for first year GC students and advanced undergraduates. I received a PhD in biology from MIT and prior to coming to Brandeis taught biology at MIT and Biochemistry at Suffolk University.