Q. Do you have minimum GPA and GRE requirements?
A. Since we consider each application in its entirety, grades, GRE scores, recommendations, your personal statement, and work/volunteer experience all play a vital role in the applicant review process. We do not have any specific cutoffs for either GPA or GREs.

Q. Can I enroll in the Program on a part-time basis?
A. Our Program is full time over two years and the intervening summer. The sequence of coursework and external experiences require a full-time commitment and take place during the “business” week. Therefore, we do not have a part time option. Many students do maintain flexible part-time employment during the Program, working 10-15 hours weekly.

Q. Is it better to apply to enter a Program directly after college or should I take some time to work before applying?
A. This is a personal decision. Some applicants have steered their undergraduate coursework and other activities towards a Master’s Degree in Genetic Counseling and are ready to enter graduate school immediately after completing their undergraduate degree. Others take time off before starting graduate school to work or gain additional experience that solidifies their interest in the profession.

Q. Will the fact that I am older and want to change careers work against my chance of being accepted into the Program?
A. We welcome applications from all individuals who are interested in becoming a genetic counselor. We have had a number of students who have left a previous career to pursue genetic counseling, not all of which were science-related.  You will, however, still need to have completed all the prerequisite courses to be considered for admission.

Q. How can I check the status of my application and supporting documents?
A. Once you have submitted your application (and paid the application fee), you can check on the status of your application materials by logging into your account. The self-service portal includes a checklist that is routinely updated whenever documents are received.

Q. If I have applied to the Program previously, how do I re-apply?
A. You will need to register with NMS and complete a new Brandeis application for each admissions cycle. When you log back into the Brandeis application system you will see that some of the information from your previous application will carry over to your new one. You should submit an updated resume or CV, at least one new recommendation letter from someone with whom you’ve recently worked with in a job and/or volunteer position, and a new personal statement that discusses how you have improved your application since the last admissions cycle.