Find a Genetic Counselor

Find a Genetic Counselor (Source: National Society of Genetic Counselors)

The purpose of this searchable database is to connect prospective applicants with practicing genetic counselors who have volunteered to discuss the profession, etc. To conduct a more specific search, use the filters to zero in on specific information, namely:

State/Provincefill this in to find a local GC, or to find a GC whose located where you hope to work
Near, Withinfill this in to hone in more specifically to geographic preference
Institution/Organizationfill this in if you have a specific workplace in mind
Genetic Counselor Last Namefill this in if you have only the last name of someone specific to locate
Types of Specializationchoose one of the many specialties to narrow the search
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In order to conduct the broadest search possible, leave all fields as is on the form, and only check “Study Contact Welcome”.