Brandeis is embarking on a new internship structure beginning with the current first year class that we believe will provide our students with a broader experience and better prepare them for the many opportunities available to practicing genetic counselors. Students will do one long internship in the summer between their first and second years and 2 short internships in each of the fall and spring semesters of their second year.

Summer Fall Spring
30 days 14 days 14 days 14 days 14 days

Clinical Internships:  Students begin their clinical training during the summer with a 30-day rotation in one of the three major practice areas: pediatrics, prenatal or cancer. This rotation can either be six weeks full time or fewer days per week for a longer duration. Having a long rotation first allows students to really work on their skills and increase their comfort level in the role of genetic counselor.  During the second year, students will have four 7 week (2 days/week) rotations, three of which will be in a clinical setting.  Two of these will round out the three required practice areas and the third will vary for each student.

Laboratory Internship: Each student will do a 14-day (2 days/week) laboratory rotation in a diagnostic laboratory which performs genetic testing offered in a clinical setting. The laboratory internships give students the opportunity to gain valuable experience in areas such as diagnostic testing methodology, variant interpretation and report generation. This exposure will be valuable for students when explaining genetic testing to their patients and for any who may work in a laboratory setting during their career as a genetic counselor.

Below is an example internship schedule for any given student. The order of the short internships for each student will vary based on lab and clinical site availability and the interests and needs of each student.

Summer Fall Spring
Pediatrics Lab rotation Prenatal Cancer Other*

*possibilities include an adult clinic, a specialty clinic, working with a genetic counselor who does both patient care and clinical research or an additional rotation in one of the major practice areas to provide further exposure.