Prerequisite Coursework

All applicants must have successfully completed the following coursework prior to matriculation:

General Biology 2 semesters, each with a lab component
Genetics 1 semester, should include both Mendelian and Molecular
General Chemistry 2 semesters
Organic Chemistry 1 semester
Biochemistry 1 semester
Psychology 1 semester, (General or Developmental)
Statistics 1 semester

Important Information about Required Courses

  • Individuals may apply in their final undergraduate year provided required courses are either completed or in progress. An update for any ongoing classes should be made available to the Admissions Committee for those applicants who are invited for an interview.
  • All prerequisites should be taken at a four year college or university. Online courses are often acceptable, but should not make up the majority of a student’s transcript.
  • All courses do not have to be taken at the same institution.
  • AP course credit with an exam score of 4 or higher can be counted towards any prerequisite.

For any questions related to coursework, please contact Gretchen Schneider, Director (