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When asked about their overall experience at Brandeis, here’s what graduates had to say:

“Without the support and understanding of this faculty, I would not have been successful. The faculty as a whole is outstanding.””One of the major strengths of the Brandeis program was the guidance/advising received from the administration. During my graduate school experience at Brandeis, I always felt comfortable approaching faculty for advice and addressing any issues.”

“The Brandeis GC program was an extremely supportive environment and faculty was always approachable.”

“I loved the Brandeis faculty! They were always available to speak with me if needed.”

“I would choose this program again!”

“The whole program teacher/faculty team was ‘on the same page.’ It was a very well guided program and all teachers seemed to know exactly how to accomplish each “piece of the puzzle” with us so we can advance to the next tasks.”

“I love Judith, she is supportive and clearly cares about the success of all her students.”

“Everyone was very supportive.”

“I truly feel that the Brandeis Program prepared me well for a career in genetic counseling. I started work immediately following graduation and never once felt over my head. I feel that the lecture and internships had me ready for “real world” genetic counseling.”

“The Brandeis program went the extra mile to make sure the students receive a well-rounded GC degree. I felt it was perfectly balanced between medical/clinical training and psychosocial training (unlike other programs that seem to have a reputation of being more thorough only one way or the other).””I truly feel I left the Brandeis program ready to enter as a genetic counselor. Upon entering my job, even if I didn’t know the answer or didn’t want to ask a colleague, I felt confident that I knew how to find the answer I needed. Coming from more of a psychology background, I was always worried about how I would handle some of the heavy genetics stuff. But I don’t feel like I ever had a problem and feel on par with some GCs who came from a more research background. I have Brandeis to thank for getting me to where I am today!”

“I believe the most important strength of the program is how well it prepared me for clinical practice.”

“I think the training I received at Brandeis prepared me very well for the certification exam!”

“In the 2 year time frame, I felt that the Brandeis curriculum covered a wide range of topics. I learned so much from all of the courses!”

“Process group was an extremely important course to have provided.”

“Brandeis does a phenomenal job at developing counseling skills and all basic essential GC skills.”